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About AmazingDezigns

AmazingDezigns is a small, growing enterprise, located in Du Quoin, Illinois. The company started as a service and online support for local business owners. As a family run business, AmazingDezign was able to develop our expertise and business model locally and move seamlessly to serve a national, and in some cases, an international client base.

We offer a full range of Internet services - As well as website design and website redesigns we offer basic and full optimization services, marketing and promotion advice and search engine submission services.

We offer excellent domain name and hosting packages, all our sites are optimized for the main search engines as standard and all our sites are submitted to the search engines.

Our web design company in Du Quoin, Illinois has a team of design staff involved with the company and various freelancers to call upon should you have any special requirements or requests. There are currently two staff members:

Kenneth Watts, Founder, designer and graphic design

Our mission is to help make the web a better place by learning and sharing the practice of good design.

Why You should to let us Help You GET RESULTS!
  1. We'll create a website you want, and within your budget.
  2. You get UNLIMITED FREE support during the development process, AND after your completed project has been delivered.
  3. Your website is custom designed, to fit your needs and requirements.
  4. We have the expertise and experience to help you with all your web development needs.
  5. We offer the best turn-key services for your small business budget.
  6. We provide fast service and use language you can understand to make sure you receive the best possible return on your investment.
  7. We will offer suggestions and ideas that help you maximize your website investment.
  8. Your satisfaction is fully Guaranteed!

The result: increased traffic to your site, business growth, and increased profits!

Research has shown that businesses can expend a considerable part of their limited resources having third party organizations complete various clerical responsibilities. We strive to provide these services with minimal impact on company resources.